Venezuela's Karen Marcano ends PABCON Women's Championships with victory in Masters


    United States

    Beats Colombia's Clara Guerrero in the title match, 2-1

    2010PWCKarenMarcano2.jpg2010PWCClaraGuerrero3.jpgVenezuela's Karen Marcano (pictured left) battled through a painful hand injury to mount a comeback and win the Masters gold medal at the 2010 Pan American Bowling Confederation Women's Championships in suburban Las Vegas on Friday.

    The 31-year-old right-hander cut open her hand on a broken thumb slug but was able to patch it up and push through the pain in a dramatic 2-1 victory over Colombia's Clara Juliana Guerrero (right) at Sunset Station Hotel and Casino's Strike Zone Bowling Center.

    As the higher seed entering the championship match, Marcano earned the choice of lane condition for the first game of the best-of-three match.

    Despite the advantage, Guerrero took a 1-0 lead with a 204-179 win on the 40-foot Athens pattern, and then jumped out to a 25-pin lead after five frames in Game 2, which was contested on the 34-foot Stockholm pattern. Marcano used six consecutive strikes to even the match with a 221-203 victory and force a deciding game on the Athens pattern.

    2010PWCKarenandAliciaMarcano.jpgAfter Marcano closed out the finale with 182, Guerrero had a chance to double in the final frame to win the gold medal, but left the 4-6-7 split to finish with a strikeless 168.

    "I had to figure out how I was going to bowl because it was really painful," said Marcano, who won the Singles gold medal at last year's PABCON Championships in San Juan, Puerto Rico. "It hurt, but I tried to do my best in every frame. I am just very, very happy right now."

    Karen Marcano, left, celebrating her victory with sister Alicia, right, and her Venezuelan team mates.

    On the way to the championship match, Marcano defeated Puerto Rico's Jessica Santiago (2-1), Mexico's Sandra Gongora (2-1) and Team USA's Shannon O'Keefe (2-0).

    Guerrero's path to the finals included wins over Canada's Felicia Wong (2-1) and Team USA's Kelly Kulick (2-0) before taking out top-seed Liz Johnson, 2-1, in a battle that also came down to the final frame.

    O'Keefe and Johnson each received bronze medals for their Masters efforts Friday.

    "I bowled well on the medium pattern today, and I'm real happy with my performance overall," said Johnson, who also won gold medals in Team and All Events as well as a bronze in Trios. "I felt focused, and I made some really good shots, but Clara bowled well and deserved to win the match. It's been a great week overall, and I'm very happy."

    The 2010 PABCON Women's Championships featured 60 competitors from 13 countries -Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Puerto Rico, United States, Venezuela - competing for medals in six events - Singles, Doubles, Trios, five-player Team, All Events and Masters.

    Team USA took home 10 medals, followed by Venezuela (3), Canada (2), Colombia (2) and Mexico (2).

    The United States Bowling Congress provided wire-to-wire live streaming coverage of the event on, and recorded segments can be viewed at


    2010 PABCON Championships Wrap-up



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    2010 PABCON Women's Championships - Masters Match Play

    Single-elimination, best-of-three matches

    Round of 16
    (1) Liz Johnson, United States def. (16) Marie Ramirez, Costa Rica, 2-0 (206-205, 237-195)
    (2) Kelly Kulick, United States def. (15) Sofia Granda, Guatemala, 2-1 (227-232, 279-246, 225-207)
    (3) Sandra Gongora, Mexico def. (14) Aumi Guerra, Dominican Republic, 2-0 (225-200, 215-195)
    (5) Shannon Pluhowsky, United States def. Isabella Rioux, Canada, 2-0 (268-212, 257-209)
    (7) Shannon O'Keefe, United States def. (10) Jennifer Park, Canada, 2-0 (194-181, 190-181)
    (8) Karen Marcano, Venezuela def. (9) Jessica Santiago, Puerto Rico, 2-1 (222-179, 175-190, 236-181)
    (11) Clara Guerrero, Colombia def. (6) Felicia Wong, Canada, 2-1 (192 (38)-192 (17), 219-234, 235-232)
    (13) Kerrie Ryan-Ciach, Canada def. (4) Caroline Lagrange, Canada, 2-1 (159-176, 199-194, 237-203)

    Johnson def. Ryan-Ciach, 2-0 (279-233, 190-170)
    O'Keefe def. Pluhowsky, 2-1 (221-216, 192-244, 187-157)
    Marcano def. Gongora, 2-1 (185-164, 182-185, 247-207)
    Guerrero def. Kulick, 2-0 (176-146, 238-230)

    Marcano def. O'Keefe, 2-0 (256-184, 188-178)
    Guerrero def. Johnson, 2-1 (240-226, 244-245, 221-209)

    Marcano def. Guerrero, 2-1 (179-204, 221-203, 182-168)